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Mission de réalisation de plan d'un extrudeur à vis

Dessinateur CAO, avec mission réalisé en mécanique industrielle ou agricole (type presse)

Assessment of the screw extruder architecture & design. - Idea :
o one unit of 1T/h or more mulitplied by x embedded unit to reach an expected throughput of 15T/h (why 15T/h ?)
o independent trailer with densification module and engine (heat exchanger,..)
- reason of the choice : screw extruder vs. hydraulic press
o more flexibility to implement variable parameters : diameter, compression rate, format (briquette, half or quarter briquette, pellets depending the particle size), maintenance
o model (designed by 2ZK’s partner):
- questionnaire :
o features of one unit maintenance : wearing part of the screw (sand and silicate)
o mechanical power: hydraulic reductor, possible replacement by electrical motors (later hybrid version)
- features and dimensions, embedded densification capacity of one unit on one trailer (dimension, weight, vibration,..).
- Mechanical power : embedded diesel engine , 50kW/T x15T/h > +/- 1x 600kW or 2x300kW (MTU, Volvo ?)

- Design of one model, scale model ( ?)

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